Gabe Jacobs

Gabe Jacobs is a filmmaker and app developer living in Brooklyn, NY. He is currently taking on freelance directing jobs as well as augmented reality work.

Gabe started by making apps in high school. In 2008, he made Fart For Free which was downloaded over 5 million times and at one point was the most popular entertainment iPhone app on the app store. Yep, you got it right... a fart app. In college, Gabe cofounded the company Cymbal, a music social networking app for the iPhone. The app launched in 2015 and was featured in Vice, Forbes, CNET and more as the “Instagram for Music." It was also named a top music app by Time Out. Gabe lead the iOS development of Cymbal and helped secure its $1.17M seed funding round. In 2017, Gabe began working at M ssng P eces as an augmented reality research assistant.

Gabe lives in Greenpoint, BK, has a cat named Lola and sometimes plays music in dive bars.